About GK Dreamhair

GK DREAMHAIR was founded in 2012 by Karo Botha. By the grace of God, GK Dream Hair is the longest standing hair brand in South Africa. Many brands have come and gone, but by the Grace of God, GK still remains and will continue to grow, in Jesus name, Amen.
I always say: Quality Hair is not cheap, If it's cheap, it's not Quality Hair.


GK Dream Hair has been making women’s hair dreams a reality since 2012. The GK DREAMHAIR brand is a luxury brand dedicated to providing its clients with 100% pure virgin real human hair extensions and wigs. We are committed to offer all our clients the best quality hair and exceptional customer service, which is fundamentally integral to our growth strategy.

We are always true to quality, lengths and durability of our hair.  We source hair extensions from reputable suppliers in countries where the hair is harvested. Our hair is carefully selected and inspected. It ensures that we always provide our clients 100% Virgin human hair extensions. We offer Machine weft, Bulk hair (micro bonding), Clip-ons, Pre-tipped, Skin weft (Tape weft), Ponytails, Indian bridal extensions, Full lace wigs, Lace front wigs, Glue-less wigs, U-part wigs, Lace closures, and Lace frontals. 

We have an experienced team who are dedicated to making you look fabulous. Our custom wigs are made in-house and sent all over the world. The beauty about our hair is that you can, in our own words, JUST WEAR AND SLAY. It can also be glued, sewn in  and clipped-in.

We always aim to  instill confidence in our clients by letting them know that they are receiving the best quality hair. When women feel confident about their hair, they can go into the world and express themselves without intimidation. We aim to empower women with quality products.

Enjoy shopping on our secure website www.gkdreamhair.com

Karo xoxo – 

We are here to make your hair dreams a reality.

At GK DREAMHAIR we pride ourselves in providing great quality hair that is durable, versatile, and functional.

Let us make that hair dream a reality…

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